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Elaines of Brampton was founded by Elaine in 1989. Elaine has a vast array of qualifications and skills.

Elaine's of Brampton are there to help you relax, revive and rejuvenate. 

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Your Skin behaves differently as you age. Find out how to keep your skin smooth, bright and healthy. 

As your skin ages you need to treat it differently.  Regular exfoliation (but not too much!), hydration and highly-active skin care – combined with a healthy lifestyle – can help clear adult acne, smooth skin, and brighten skin tone.

More women than ever are experiencing adult acne linked to chronic stress, hormonal changes, lifestyle, and environment. To keep breakouts under control, focus on managing stress and eating healthy, supplement your skin care routine with the right products, and seek professional advice. Talk to our Dermalogica skin therapist about how to adjust your skin care routine accordingly. 

Your Skin behaves differently as you age. Find out how to keep your skin smooth, bright and healthy. 

Under Eyes

Want to find a way to clear the chicken skin under your eyes.


Milia, Syringomas, Keratosis pilaris.

Just some of the names for visible oil glands under the eyes.


Flat bumps, chicken skin, little round white spots. 


Those irritating physiological or physical annoyances.

Spoils the look of eye make-up, or you just wish they were not there.

Milia could be large white spots or a cluster of little white ones. Just a build up of oil and sebum and Keratin in your skin pores

Milia can be lanced, electrolysis, or exfoliated.

Keratosis Pilaris. These rough raised bumps can be found any where on the body especially on the back of the arms, can be caused by deodorants that have aluminium, or a build up of dead skin cells inside the hair follicles.

Keratosis, exfoliate, keep the skin from being too dry.

Syringomas, I will confirm that is a non-cancerous bump, which are usually found on the cheeks and under the eyes and are usually causes by the overgrowth of cells from sweat glands. 

Not a lot can be done to remove them, they may need to see a skin therapist who may recommend a dermatologist if it really bothers you. It’s not one of the easy to treat conditions.

Usually, these bumps do disappear on their own, but some may need a little help on their way.

Come in and see us at Elaine’s to discuss the way forward to eradicating these unwanted bumps.

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Back Massage


What type of massage would you like?

There are all sorts of massages: sports massage, deep tissue massage, detoxifying massage, Indian head massage, massage for Pregnancy, menstrual-menopause, Therapeutic, Stress-relief, shiatsu (what’s that?) Lymph drainage, and Reflexology. So many to choose from, what one, do you need?

Here at Elaine’s, we will consult and discuss what you need – find what your body and mind require.

You may sit or lie down for the treatment. You are covered, on a special couch, in a warm room, subdued lighting and atmosphere to reflect the mood, music if you like. When time is not an issue a long, luxurious massage can take up to an hour. We can work to your schedule – we offer a quick 20-minute massage if time is not on your side.

Beauty Therapy with Cancer

Finding that you have cancer is devastating, and coming to terms with the cancer treatment, the last thing on your mind is how to look after yourself, keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy and looking good. Giving yourself a beauty treatment can help to give yourself a lift which will be a real boost to your self-esteem.

It will be important to maintain some semblance of normality in your everyday routine, when nothing is going to be normal again.  Giving your skin a deep moisturising treatment or an all over body treatment will help to keep you going.

It has been proved that aromatherapy massage and reflexology is beneficial for a cancer patient. Elaines has worked with Marie Curie Cancer Care using special oils for the massage to improve systems and quality of life. 

Read more of our article

Spa Setting

Ultrasonic Micro-therapy

Introducing new Facial treatment with an Ultrasonic Micro-therapy device with supreme technology to boost treatment room results.


Our new machine offers multiple functions allowing a various selection of treatments to be performed across a wide range of skin types and conditions to improve your skin texture colour and appearance.


All treatments begin with a consultation, we take great care of our clients and their needs.

Book your treatment you will find this under Deep Cleansing Facial. 

Beauty in Pigmentation


Let’s look on how to treat hyperpigmentation and scarring caused by acne, medication and UV effect on the skin.

What is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is a term used to describe discolouration on the skin or those unwanted brown spots. Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin from the melanocytes, (a cell in the skin and eyes that produces and has the pigment called melanin), that travels its way up to the surface of the skin where you see the brown discolouration.


Microneedling offers an impressive array of results, the micro-injuries created by the needles allow skincare products to penetrate deeper through the micro-channels you have created in the skin, meaning all those actives you have applied will have better absorption.


Microneedling allows vital skincare ingredients to reach deeper layers of the skin, enhancing the benefits of topical products to achieve better results.


What is microneedling?

Microneedling uses small sterile needles, either attached to a handheld stamping device or on a roller, which make micro-injuries in the skin.


These small wounds kick the skin’s natural healing process into gear, which then stimulates collagen production in the dermis, making it ideal for clients with skin slackness (loss of collagen) who want a plumper, firmer complexion.


It is not only a treatment for firmer, smoother skin, it can also reduce scarring and pigmentation and make pores appear smaller.

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